Home Economics (Scientific and Social), History, Geography, Religious Studies, Politics and Society, Classical Studies, European/Global Languages

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Desirable characteristics for students and people in this area

This is an area which involves working with many people, it is therefore desirable to have good social skills, that is being approachable, kind, with strong empathy, communication and interpersonal social skills. Emotionally strong, resilient, objective with good listening skills, being patient, tactful. Ability to work on your own or as a team member.

Careers and job titles in this area can include

Special Needs Assistant, Psychologist, Linguist, Social Worker, Civil Servant, Librarian, Probation Officer, Political Advisor, Occupational Therapist, Au Pair, Child Care Worker, Religious Occupation, Hotel Management, Tourism, Barbering, Diplomat, Flight Attendant, Addiction Counsellor, Security Guard, Sociologist.

Entry to courses

Ensure to have the correct course requirements including:  subjects, their levels, college and course requirements.

Information on levels of education and training

National Framework of Qualifications –

Education and training courses & useful links

For current list of career and job opportunities

Check various Recruitment websites and professional bodies.
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