Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physics and Chemistry

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Desirable characteristics for students and people in this area

An enquiring mind, clear logical thought. Interest in problem solving, attention to detail with high levels of accuracy and a methodical approach. Specific science subjects are required to gain entry to some science, medical or health courses.

Careers and job titles in this area can include
Medical and Science Researcher, Medicine, Pharmacy Technician, Public Health Nurse, Radiographer, Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technicians, Biochemist, Physiotherapist, Optician, Environmentalist, Clinical Medical Scientist, Space Science, Wildlife Biologist, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Podiatrist, Forensic Scientist, Audiologist, Dietician, Geologist, Hygienist.
Entry to courses
Ensure to have the correct course requirements including:  subjects, their levels, college and course requirements.
Information on values and motivation
Information on levels of education and training
Education and Training courses & useful links
For current list of career and job opportunities
Check various Recruitment websites and professional bodies.
Labour market information
Check access routes to education
Student grant information
Counselling Services
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