Engineering / Technology


Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Construction Studies, Engineering, Technology

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Desirable characteristics for students and people in this area

A strong sense of curiosity and imagination together with creative and inventive powers would be an advantage to people intending to pursue careers in these areas. One would need to be a good communicator, with good team work and problem-solving skills. High levels of competency in mathematics, science and technology would be required, depending on course or job requirement.
Careers and job titles in this area can include
Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Smart Product Engineer, Structural Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Sustainable Energy, Electronic Engineer, Sound Engineer, Carpentry and Joinery, Electrician, Robotic Technician or Engineer, Astronaut, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Toolmaker, Stonecutting & Masonry, Scaffolding, Pipefitting, Geo-Driller, Security Alarm Technician, Air Traffic Controller.
Entry to courses
Ensure to have the correct course requirements including:  subjects, their levels, college and course requirements.
Information on values and motivation
Information on levels of education and training
Education and Training courses & useful links
For current list of career and job opportunities
Check various Recruitment websites and professional bodies.
Labour market information
Check access routes to education
Student grant information
Counselling Services
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