Information Technology


Computer Science

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Desirable characteristics for students and people in this area

Interest in computers, have imagination, be creative. Possess good communication skills, participate well in team work. Ability to solve problems. Logical reasoning power, have an analytical and methodical approach.  Have patience and perseverance. Level of mathematical ability required will depend on course or career being pursued.

Careers and job titles in this area can include

Multimedia Designer, Systems Analyst, Data Science Analyst, Software Developer, Hardware Designer, Systems Engineer, Technical Writer, Web Developer, Network Administrator, Help-Desk Support, IT Project Manager, Computer Games Developer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Telecommunications and Data Network Technician, Computer Aided Design Technician, Forensic Computer Analyst, App Developer, PC Repair Technician.

Entry to courses
Ensure to have the correct course requirements including:  subjects, their levels, college and course requirements.
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