Art, Music, Design & Communication Graphics

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Desirable characteristics for students and people in this area

The need to be dedicated, enthusiastic, self-disciplined and confident is desirable. In the area of performing arts, actors for example need to understand and interpret the roles given. They also need a good memory, a clear speaking voice and empathy and imagination to understand and express the emotions of the character that they are attempting to portray. In relation to music and dance, persons need to have the physical and mental energy to cope with the high levels of performance which are expected, and be able to cope with the possibility of the career uncertainty in this sector. In the areas of art, one needs to have creative ability and artistic talent. Design and Communication Graphics involves analysing and communicating information presented verbally or graphically. Problem solving and creative thinking skills are developed through the analysis and solution of problems in both two- and three-dimensional graphics.

Careers and job titles in this area can include

Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith, Video and Film Producer, Photographer, Screen Writer, Sculptor, Actor, Dancer, Planner, Illustrator, Sign Writer, Fashion Designer, Education (Design, Graphics & Construction), Architectural Technologist, Interior Decorator, Lighting Technician, Furniture Design, Beauty Therapy with Nail Technology, Advertising.

Entry to courses

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Information on levels of education and training

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