Course and Career Choices – June 2020

Course and Career Choices – June 2020

Factors that need to be taken into account:

  • Check most recent information received from CAO regarding your course choices, to ensure that they are correct.
  • If you need to amend or add courses, you may do so using the Change of Course facility free of charge.
  • Check new courses, cancelled courses, or changes to titles of courses by logging on to the CAO website at
  • Regarding choices now being made, students must research the programmes and ensure that they have the necessary entry requirements, check modular information for course detail.
  • All courses in the CAO system are still open to students up to close on Wed 1st July at 5.15pm (with the exception of restricted courses which should have been applied for by 1st Feb).
  • There are 10 choices on the CAO Form at level 8 Honours Degree, and 10 choices at level 6/7 (Higher Certificate = Level 6 and Ordinary Degree = Level 7).
  • It is possible to progress from level 6/7 to level 8 depending on one’s academic performance.
  • Applicants should list courses on CAO form in order of preference. It can be very expensive if students change courses and have to repeat 1st semester (term) or the entire year itself.
  • Students need to take into account entry requirements for courses, especially if they changed from higher to lower papers. Check information on college websites.
  • QQI (FETAC/PLC) courses may still be applied for and can be a useful way of progressing to third level, or indeed for entry into the job market. (Application can be made online to individual colleges).
  • Apprenticeships are also a very important career choice for many students. Information about all apprenticeships can be obtained by logging on to
  • SUSI Grant Applications should be made by 9th July 2020. Further information can be obtained from SUSI support desk on Tel: 0761 08 7874. It is advisable to make grant applications as soon as possible.
  • The assessment results for this year’s school leavers are expected by mid-August.

Check and avail of the information by registering for the Live Q&A Webinars available from most colleges.

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