Career Guidance Advice

Career Guidance Advice

The following is a summary of what is involved in the Learn More section of the Career Interest Assessment.

Choices After Junior Cert

Be aware of the studies available at Senior Cycle – eg. Established Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert Vocational Programme (LCVP), Leaving Cert Applied (LCA).

Select Subjects
Be guided by the Results in the Interest Assessment that suggest subjects related to the areas of your highest interests. For a detailed explanation of Dept of Education senior cycle options and subjects, click where indicated on the top of Information Pages.
Subject Choice

Depending on your interests, select the necessary subject(s), course and college entry requirements. Avail of introductory taster or samples of courses that may be available in Transition Year in school. Try to obtain relevant work experience in the career/course area that you may be interested in and or meet persons in such
careers in order to get a realistic idea of the area. Attend college open days, obtain and understand college information to ensure you have the correct and necessary entry requirements.

Work Values & Motivation

Give consideration to the selection of the work and motivational values that are important and of benefit to you.

Click Here to read more about Motivation and its Importance.

Values and Motivation

Make decisions by being aware of the different levels of education. See National Framework of Qualifications Chart for various educational levels 1 to 10 and Classes of Awards. Take into account: career interest assessment results, work and motivational values, examination and test results, your resources, labour market trends and future career plans.

Education & Training Courses

See links for courses available at various levels as outlined by the QQI. Ensure you check all course details, including course modular information. Remember, you can progress from one level to another depending on achievement. For further professional help, consult your Guidance Counsellor at school or college. If you are an adult use the state’s Adult Guidance Service. A listing of private Guidance Counsellors is available on the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC) website.

For Job Opportunities

Check recruitment sites as indicated.

Labour Market Information

Read the National Skills Bulletin 2023 for up-to-date information on the Irish labour market.

Routes to Education

Check links as listed, including fees and student grant information.

Counselling Services

Seek help if required and avail of support services.

Best Wishes for your career guidance decisions and plans.

Róisín Kelleher

Guidance Counsellor
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