CAO Sept 2020

CAO Sept 2020

Best Wishes to all students as they obtain First Round CAO Offers.

Students may have been offered a course on Level 8 and Level 7/6 course choice.

Students have until Wed 16th Sept at 3.00pm to reply to this offer.

Round Two will be offered on 23rd Sept with a reply by 25th Sept.

Round Three will be offered on 1st Oct with a reply by 6th Oct.

Round Four will be offered on 8th Oct with a reply by 13th Oct.

Accepting an offer in Round One does not prevent one from receiving an offer of a higher preference in subsequent offer rounds.

Check  for information on offers and acceptance procedures, check FAQ relating to CAO queries.

Students may submit an appeal application regarding Leaving Cert Calculated Grades from next Mon 14th Sept, by logging onto the Calculated Grades Student Portal.

In the portal, students will be able to see the estimated mark provided by the school, and the adjusted mark after the standardisation process took place.

There is no fee for appealing a calculated grade.

The Appeal process works by:

  1. Checking that the data was entered correctly by the school.
  2. Checking that the data was received and processed correctly by the Dept of Ed.

One can have the process reviewed by independent appeal scrutineers.

The date for submitting an appeal is 16th Sept at 5.00pm.

Queries regarding Calculated Grades should be directed to:

Website –

Helpline Numbers – 1800 111 135 or 1800 111 136

Email –

Options for students:

Students can still apply directly online for places on Post Leaving Cert Courses and Apprenticeships.  Students may decide to repeat the entire Leaving Cert for points purposes, or a subject or subjects to meet specific entry course requirements.

It is important that the course option one intends to follow should be fully researched before a decision is made on it.

If a student is considering deferring a college offer, one must contact the college directly.

Available/Vacant CAO Places are available by logging onto

Most information on college timetables and college start dates are now posted on college websites.

Students can choose to sit Leaving Cert written exam in November. Exams to be held in the evening or week-ends.

National Parents Council Post Primary (NPCPP) Helpline, staffed by Guidance Counsellors, will be available at 1800 265 165 from 12pm to 8pm from Fri 11th Sept through to Wed 16th Sept.

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